Telegram Scraping is a popular method to add new members to a telegram group for making a small community at it’s initial stage. For project owners, it’s necessary to have enough members to pitch their¬† idea but there is no any enough telegram data easily available, so they simply add members from another targeted group which unfortunately is full of bots. This is the main reason why a project with a large community fails to raise even a small amount of funds. IGH group has a solution as we’re the only marketing agency that knows the real value of data. We ran different surveys and our data analyst have worked several months to collect the Telegram data about the real people who have either invested in ICO, crypto or interested to invest in one. Every data is collected carefully and manually which makes us a unique marketing agency when it comes to decentralized Telegram and web3 marketing.

Our approach is new in the market and we use data and facts over. Our strategy is not only tested but proven. We’ve worked with many clients and the satisfaction rate is 100% and helped many projects raise the initial capital successfully.

Telegram Mass DM is another way of marketing which is like email marketing in traditional Web2 Marketing business. In Telegram it means sending a message to a large group of people at an instant or bulk message in another term. From our research mass DM is very effective when reached correct location. People in the crypto space are constantly looking for a new project and ideas to invest. Common approach right now in the market is to select some successful TG communities and send random DMs to the people in it which sounds quite spammy. As discussed already the groups are full with bots and the message received by bots is total waste. Unlike any other web3 marketing agency, we have thousands of data (telegram user id) of real people so our conversion rate is very high in comparison with them.

Data is our main weapon and it works everywhere in marketing whether web2 or web3. But lack of data and the policy of the telegram not to share data made it difficult for the marketer. But IGH team has been continuously collecting data on telegram to make our marketing effective and result oriented.