Picking the right ICO is a painful job but the return from it is extremely rewarding. Crypto is a new sector of finance, where many things are yet to be explored. Knowledge deficit is one of the major challenges that is holding many investors back from taking advantage of this wonderful technology.

With the inception of ICO many groundbreaking ideas made it to the surface but as the number increased so did the scams. For an average investor, it’s impossible to differentiate between a scam token and a legit one. IGH group understands it’s better than anyone in the market. Our team of developers, analysts, and promoters have devised a standard and indicator that point out everything and helps pick a perfect ICO. It’s always to get help from the expert where and when needed. IGH group is determined to make ICO investment safe and help the legit projects get the attention deserve.

A project can be viewed from mainly three perspectives i) developers ii) marketers and iii) investors. The report produced by our team covers all the aspects so that we help you get all the knowledge and information about the project. We can point out all the flaws and strong points in the project. Our community is strong and we love to share all the new and recent findings about the industry.

Analyzing projects, especially ICO is not child’s play, there are many risks involved, we learned it hard way but you don’t have to go through all pain again. We’re happy to share the finding and help you get the best investment of your life.