Web3 Community management is the backbone of crypto. A vibrant, engaging, and active community is what all aspire to. Investing in a crypto project is investing in ideas that haven’t been manifested yet so investors seek to have active interaction with the project leaders. Telegram, Twitter, and Discord are the most preferred platforms by the crypto community.

Managing the community is equally important as developing a product. Many projects fail miserably to attend to the community which leads to distrust between the project and investors. Members of the community must always feel valued and get the attention of the project leader. IGH group helps any project to build the community from scratch, usage of bots in the telegram is necessary for the project but they must be used only when necessary.

Security threat is real and no project or platform is immune to them thus there are many things to be taken care of. Bots are helping to deliver important messages to the community but overusing it might be irritating to community members. Bots should only be used when necessary and carefully. Scammers are constantly hunting new projects and they attack those vulnerable groups with bots and trick investors into transferring funds to an external contract or wallet. Most of the time developers are unknown of the attack and only get the information after the incident. This a challenge that every developer faces while managing the community.

Anybody can start a group and manage it but the challenge is to make that group a vibrant and wonderful place. Our team of expert help set up a community making it more interactive and helpful. We add all the necessary and powerful bots, helping the members get quick access to all the vital information about the project with just a simple click.

Our experts at IGH group have worked with telegram and discord management and prevented many mishaps in the past and protected the crypto from all the attacks. And assisted the project to start an amazing community, using some of the most powerful bots in the telegram.

Similarly, Moderator has the power to put life into the chat. Initiating chat, answering questions, welcoming new members, and helping the community with anything related to the project are some of the tasks of the moderator. The number of people willing to work as the mod is abundant but finding a capable one is extremely difficult. IGH group not only offers moderator services but trains them to perform better to help in the project’s growth. Your chat is dull coz your mod is not active or he doesn’t know what he is doing. All the moderators and community managers provided are well-trained and able to adapt to any situation. IGH group takes full responsibility for them and has a long list of expert moderators ready to assist your community.