You have an amazing idea but unless and until that idea is presented to the people who value it is worthless. A new idea or project must be treated as an infant that requires more attention and care. Creating awareness is a tedious task, so developers employ a different strategy. Your idea is dear to you most of the things that are presented on your website or social network are published by you. Investors love to verify the facts and information provided by you on trusted third-party sources, which include news media.

Covered by trusted media holds a competitive advantage for the project and thousands for people who lay eye on helps boost confidence to put their money in it. Message you want to relay plays an important role and creating content that explains your project in easy to understand for all is necessary. Hire a professional if you want best result, experienced content writers have helped many project present their idea that excites readers.

Building trust and traction brings more confidence to the investors. A story readers can relate to gets much attention then a simple news article. Your project needs a best coverage and we’re expert at providing it. IGH group helps not just to create content but to get published it on 200+ news portals that includes Forbes, Yahoo Finance, Fox News, CNBC, Digital Journal, Bezinga etc.

Market forces define the worth of the project, and it’s quite tricky in creating demand for any new project or tokens. The story must cover everything including from project current standing to future goals, utility and the product that could really make difference, project leader credibility is another important thing. Trying to include everything might make the story dull, thus grabbing attention and getting readers hooked is challenging. Solution to many problems is IGH group, our team of experts helps your project create a hype in the market and keep that charm forever via the news coverage.